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Anxiety and Depression
Sometimes the world can get on top of us and anxiety can feel like a weight on our chest that won't go away. I understand anxiety and have worked with it for years.
I can provide counselling and support mechanisms to help you cope with anxiety and depression.
Cancer and Long term illness
As someone who has personally fought cancer, I know what it's like and how lonely a battle it can be. I have also worked with long term illness in therapy. I provide a confidential, understanding space to work through your emotions and find the support you need.
When we lose a loved one, we can feel lost and moving on can feel impossible. I provide a space to work through your emotions and understand your place in the world. 
University Students and Teenagers
I have worked with University Students and teenagers for over 5 years and have a good deal of experience supporting them. I know the unique problems and situations that you face as a student.
Work Related Stress and Redundancy

Work environments can be difficult, working relationships can bring us stress. I have experience working with redundancy, work related stress, and all other presenting problems related to the workplace.

Relationship problems and Divorce

The end of a relationship can be just like a bereavement. It can be hard to move on when you are so used to being with someone all the time. Or perhaps you're in a relationship you want to talk to someone confidentially about. Whatever the reason, I'm here to help you through what can be a difficult time.
Please note: I do not offer therapy for couples

This list is not exhaustive. I am also trained and happy to help with any other presenting issue.
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How Does it Work?
Contact us first to book an appointment. After your first appointment you'll be asked to sign a counselling agreement form before we can continue with counselling.
During the initial appointment we'll also discuss payment, your expectations for counselling and go through any questions you have.
We'll regularly review our work (usually every 3-6 weeks).
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On a Video Call
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